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Two Timeslot Options: 

Tuesdays, 7pm AEST, Commencing 25th June 2019

Fridays 6am AEST, Commencing 28th June 2019




Regular Price is $395
Early Bird Rate Expires 31st May

This amazing Program is a complete overhaul. A life changing process that will transform you to be all you can be. This Program will help you get in touch with the real you, and not that negative self-talk you hear in your ear.... 

I share with you everything I have learnt so you can unleash the real, pure, powerful you - shining and flourishing. Spreading your light on the world!

Imagine, just imagine how much your life will change when you find your identity, align your values and beliefs to serve your goals, remove limiting decisions that no longer serve you, have tools to change your emotional state in an instant and develop confidence and self esteem!

You CAN achieve anything. 

 By identifying and removing these negative blockages over the course, you will have the ability to make new choices above life, your relationships, your career, health and fitness, and become aligned, fulfilled, congruent and confident. 

Once you have a sense of purpose, identity, wholeness, you will become more intuitive, and see the goals and achievements you want to set in order to achieve fulfilment. On this course you will set these juicy goals, align them with your values and plan how you will achieve them.

These techniques are super advanced, designed for instant change. This is not another Program where you take down notes and walk away without action. Because honestly - we've all done that right? This is real action, then and there, for real results. Clear out the past and enable yourself to achieve peace of mind, personal success, love and happiness, choices and freedom. Focus on the future to put your vision and goals into your neurology.

We will talk mind, body, spirit connection, learn how to work with all 3 aspects including a healthy gut in order to provide overall wellness transformation. We will talk foods for your mood. We will talk life, love and laughter.

What would that be worth to you?



Each week you will receive exclusive training and educational videos with actionable tasks to practice and work on for the best version of you. You will plug into the weekly 1.5hour Online Workshop attached to your designated course time. You will also receive some surprise bonuses in the mail - just because you're worth it!



Week 1: The science behind the mind and how language effects your behaviour. Learn lauguage that re-programs the neural pathways in your mind for a more fulfilling life.
Our brain itself is just made up of cells, neural pathways and matter - if we were to look inside the physicality of the brain, there is not much to see. The mind though - well that's a different thing! Think of it like a computer hard drive - the actual hard drive itself is not much to look at but the information stored in there is MAGIC. We can't actually see the information by looking at the physical hard drive, we have to access the information instead. That is how our mind works - the brain is the physical component whilst the mind stores information, memories, feelings, pictures, emotions... Our mind is where our thoughts come from and our thoughts are ALWAYS made up of the following: Words, Pictures, Feelings, Tastes, Sounds and Smells.

Weeks 2 and 3: Emotions, Limiting Beliefs and Fear. Speaking to and tapping into your heart energy, as well as removing and limiting beliefs as well as negative emotions attached to the root cause of the belief allowing it to control your patterns. Work through tools and techniques for situational anxiety and changing emotions/state in an instant. Learn how to choose and feel happiness NOW.

Week 4: Building Beautiful Relationships. We live in a world where overflowing insecurities or lack of self esteem really water down beautiful relationships.
​The truth is, that finding fulfilment comes from helping others and building GREAT relationships. This session teaches you how to flourish in relationships, as well as build rapport in an instant through all areas of your life - family, work, love and socially.
​We work through building instant rapport through words, tonality and body language. We talk eye patterns and behaviours. We move through our vibrational energy raising it higher to attract more beautiful, purposeful relationships.This session will also guide you on reframing your brain to view people in a way that serves the relationship, allowing it to flourish.
Purposeful, Beautiful, Meaningful Relationships.
So. Much. Awesome.

Week 5: Oh, Guts! 'Gut Health' is the latest phrase that is hitting the limelight. Why so? Research is finding more and more how our gut and brain are connected and a healthy gut is an ultimate paradise for your mind, body and spirit to THRIVE.
This module gives you an understanding of how the Gut and Brain are connected, why the gut is considered the 'second brain' and how leaky gut affects your overall health.
We also touch on 'gut feelings' and what they mean in your physiology as well as your emotions as well as an introduction to how thought processes, patterns and emotions affect the health of your gut, your immune system, your hormones and thus your entire body.

Week 6: Goals and Values alignment. We write down SMART goals. We take action - or we don't. We reach our goals - or we don't. Then we hit the crazy self-talk of "I'm not good enough", "I'll never get there", "I can't do that" or even "I'm not worthy".
Let me let you in on a little secret: You will never reach your goals unless your true values align with them. This session is about using strong tools for the unconscious mind to clearly bring your values and goals into harmony, followed by a good balance of practical steps that can be used daily to ensure that your goals are hit with purpose.
You will learn how to elicit your deepest values and align them with a different form of SMART goals. We will embed these values and goals into your unconscious mind like a memory, so your mind accepts them as safe and ready to receive. You will walk away with a precise and specific action plan to ensure that the flow continues when you head back into life.
Add goals to your vision and breathe life & love into every cell in your body.


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