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Personal Breakthroughs

Imagine, just imagine how it will be for you when you are an incredibly confident human being, living life to the full with passion and purpose. What would that do for your life? What will it do for you when you have uncovered and installed empowering beliefs that 

serve you, whilst letting go of the limiting ones that don’t? How beautiful will it be when you can control your emotional state in an 

instant and let go of any fears, doubts and anxieties that aren’t serving you, as well as being able to swiftly heal from the past?

How incredible will it be when you are inspiring, empowered and motivated – living life to the absolute full?

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Thats EXACTLY what a personal breakthrough session is about. So much YES!

It often takes a breakdown to occur before you can make the breakthrough.

If stress, emotions and social constraints are ruling your life, a personal breakthrough can send them on a one-way trip with no return. Then you can take that holiday and REALLY enjoy it, instead of it being an escape from reality.

Reduce your distress and increase your self-esteem to be your best at work and in your relationships. Improve your ability to perceive the things you fear, and then conquer them as if they never existed in the first place.

Experience the real help that only a breakthrough can provide, instead of just coping. Then, with practice, you will soon find the many techniques will be intuitive in your everyday life.


What happens?

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a unique and fully intensive session which has been personalised - all about YOUR truth. The objective of this personal breakthrough is to empower you with tools to allow you to let go of negative emotional baggage, hindering and limiting decisions and beliefs that have held you back.  Together, we will utilise some amazing and INTENSE TOOLS which really get to the depth of your unconscious mind – your values, patterns, belief systems and programs. By working at the unconscious level, which is 95% of your brain activity, the results are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

In a session you  will:


  • Uncover life patterns and get to the root cause of the problem in order to change the old patterns with the new that serve you  better

  • Remove inappropriate or unwarranted negative emotions

  • Remove limiting decisions and limiting beliefs and replace with ones that  put you on the path of a purposeful life

  • Integrate any parts that need to be in alignment in order to create wholeness - so you can live a life beyond limits

  • Anchor in new neural pathways so you mind can preserve them

  • Learn AMAZING tools to be able to change your emotional state in an instant

  • Align your values and goals in order to achieve success

  • Create anchors to increase motivation

  • Achieve an increased self esteem and confidence, becoming UNSTOPPABLE!

These incredible techniques work directly with your unconscious mind where all the lasting change takes place quickly. 
We all have the resources we need inside, and this is a way of really uncovering and unleashing your inner power!

SESSIONS  REQUIRE A FULL DAY (6-7 hours)... and I'll take you for a delicious gut-loving lunch!

Are you ready to do this?

This will take you to the 'Shop' page where you can purchase your session.

You will be contacted within 48 hours of purchase to book your session time. 

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