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What you think about, you bring about.

Have you ever heard the saying 'What you think about you bring about'?

Let me explain what this saying really means.

Think Sir Richard Branson - what makes him so unique is that he has been able to become one of the most successful business magnets, through his thought processes and actions.

As a child, Sir Richard Branson was dyslexic, a high school dropout and nearly a school failure during his time there. Very few recognised his greatness. At the age of 16, Sir Richard Branson dropped out of high school to start 'The Student Magazine'. Less than 5 years thereafter he established Virgin Records. Today, his Virgin Group holds more than 200 companies.

Some people would say Sir Richard Branson would have to have been 'smart' or even 'lucky' to have gotten where he is today. Let's think about this for just a moment. If we were to cut open his brain - would it look different to any other? Or just like any other human brain, would we merely see a mass of tissue, nerves and veins? The answer is the latter.

Our brain is much like a computer hard drive - they are all merely a structure and we can't see the brilliance of them until they are 'switched on' with the wiring is so great that it has the ability to control the computer system, or human body in a positive way. The only difference between you and Sir Richard Branson is the thought processes that goes on between your own two ears. Every result starts with a thought. A thought, leads to your attitude which leads to your choices, leading to your actions which leads to your results.

So, the next time you hear yourself say "I can't", "I'm too busy", "I don't have the time, money, capability etc" - stop yourself in your tracks right then and there. Your brain only believes the thoughts that you tell it and you will then manifest anything and everything through the law of attraction to validate your positioning on yourself. Whether you think you can or think that you can't - you're right.

To transform your thought processes and transform your life, sign up for our transformation program - early bird offer ends 23rd March 2016.

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