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The Art Of Fulfilment

Fulfilment. The ultimate in life. Being fulfilled, being alive and living rather than just breathing.

For those of you that practice the teachings of the awesome Anthony Robbins, you would have heard him talk, or read about the art of fulfilment. You see, fulfilment is concept of which can come with a lot of confusion for some. Confusion that can be detrimental to ones happiness.

I remember a few years ago when I had achieved something great. I was doing a lot of personal growth, in turn motivated me to grow my business and I was feeling on top of the world. I grew my business enough to more than double my corporate income, I had earned myself a beautiful brand spanking new white Mercedes Benz after previously driving around in a broken old Ford Falcon in such a condition that it wasn't worth more than $500. I quit my job, was working my business from home making crazy money, it made my kids happy that I was there for them more often and I had my time freedom back. I set a goal and I had achieved it. After many years of a relationship that didn't serve me, I was out and I was free. I had my own stuff, and I had earned every single bit of it myself. I then met the love of life, my true life partner. I was happy.

What I didn't realise at the time was that there is a HUGE difference between achievement and fulfilment. As months went on, I started to get itchy feet. I had slowed right down on the personal growth and even just let my business cruise by. I had feelings of confusion and overwhelm. My head started to worry about the future. I let my happiness dwindle, even though I had all this wonderful 'stuff', a wonderful family and a beautiful, amazing loving partner. I had achieved my goal, so I should be fulfilled right? Wrong.

I heard about a course from a friend - one that would offer me qualifications to teach people how to control their minds before it controlled them. I decided to jump in. At the time, my reason for jumping in was so I could help my beautiful business tribe achieve their goals like I had. I always wanted to give to others, so I was always open to learning more and more about personal growth. What I didn't realise, was that the universe put this opportunity in front of me for a VERY different reason. Throughout the duration of the course, I started to realise where I had gone wrong. I had many 'aha' moments. One in particular that hit me, right when I needed it. I had confused achievement with fulfilment, and my goals with that of my family's goals. I was just breathing. I hadn't truly asked myself, for myself (which is the extremely important) the big question - "What next for ME?"

You see, what I realised was that I was living my life based solely on achievement. My children really wanted me to be there for them before and after school and I had achieved that for them. I wanted a certain pin position in my business and I had gotten there. I wanted my own stuff, my own home, my own time and I had it. But I wasn't fulfilled. You see, fulfilment is something entirely different and ultimately, what life is all about. I knew in that moment that I had made the mistake of stopping my growth. You see, the unconscious mind is ALWAYS seeking more. Always. It's always asking - what next? Throughout the course I knew where I wanted to be. And it was to change the world - one person at a time. A bold statement - but one that I truly believe in. At this point, this is where I started Liberate You Programs - teaching people how to manifest a life beyond limits.

Fulfilment is an ongoing process - one that comes from continuously growing and constantly breaking through each upper limit barrier that the mind has to offer. Fulfilment also comes from giving to others - and coming from a place of love. Fulfilment is living each day with gratitude, growth and experiencing life. You see, life isn't about 'stuff'. We have seen too many times people that our children look up to and want to be like - end their life in an instant. Why would they do such a thing and how could they not be happy when they had all this wonderful 'stuff' and had achieved so much? It's the lack of fulfilment. It's living each day from a fear mentality, not one that is abundant with love. This, in turn, lowers our human vibration and attracts into our lives things that makes us feel sad, overwhelmed and anxious - all of which can be deadly. The more that fear breeds in our mind, the more we see the bad things and the toxic cycle continues.

Fulfilment comes from a place of complete internal happiness. Fulfilment is different for each and every human being. Fulfilment comes from being true to your true self, your core rather than fitting in with what society deems that people should be. Fulfilment comes from living. Each and every day. Fulfilment comes from experiences. Fulfilment comes from giving. Fulfilment comes from constantly growing. There are no limits. After all, none of us are getting out of here alive, so we may as well live our life with purpose, passion, gratitude, love and freedom.

Are you living a life of fulfilment? Or are you just breathing? I encourage you to practice the art of fulfilment, each and every day. The door is wide open.

I love teaching about finding fulfilment, so much so that I am writing an ebook on it! Want it first and free? Click here.

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