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The balanced scale.

We write down SMART goals. We take action - or we don't. We reach our goals - or we don't. Then we hit the crazy self-talk of "I'm not good enough", "I'll never get there", "I can't do that" or even "I'm not worthy".

Let me let you in on a little secret:

You will never reach your goals fully unless your true values align with them.

Your unconscious mind is WAY too smart for that. These little belief systems that you took on board determine your values. Sorry to say it – but they are embedded into your memory like tiny little pictures that jump out to say ‘hello’ when they are triggered to.

Values act as a controlling source for all beliefs. Beliefs that were imprinted into you from the day you were born to the time that you were told that you couldn’t do something to everything beyond and in between that. Family, friends, religion, school, geography, economics and media influence your values. Your values are deep within you and affect the flow of beliefs, emotions, behaviours and results.

A goal of mine was to live a life of financial abundance so I can provide my family with time and opportunities. I often would hit great financial milestones and then without realising I would spend money like the apocalypse was coming. The money was in a circular flow. Then one day I realised I didn’t actually value money. You know, cause hey - money doesn’t make you happy. Truth. My beliefs were coming from a place of choosing between love and money (because in my unconscious mind without realising it, it wasn’t possible to have both) and my beliefs were limiting. I grabbed onto those beliefs as a youngster from various circumstances and each time a trigger popped up, it strengthened this limiting belief. I valued love. Money not so high up on the list.

Love will always be my number 1 value, and my number 1 value will never change. All things can be done with love. I needed to move money a little higher up on the hierarchy to allow it to flow into my life. The truth is – I CAN have both. The truth is money DOESN’T make anyone happy. I mean – what is it really? Just little bits of printed paper or discs of metal. A source of energy. HIGH energy.

It IS the extra non-superficial, high-energy things money provides that CAN add to our happiness. Time. Freedom. Lowered Stress. Immunity. Choices. Oh my goodness – choices! I needed to train the pictures in my mind that it was perfectly acceptable to value money in a loving way. I needed to align my values with my goals. My beliefs with my vision. Like Magic, my unconscious mind was ready to move forward and accept good things for me.

Sometimes we really need some deep work on our TRUE values – as we often don’t really know what we unconsciously value. And what we value, determines our successes. Determines our reach. Determines if we are unstoppable.

So you know, in the spirit of spreading love to YOUR growth – I’m all for sharing. Sharing the techniques from various modalities to bring your values and goals into harmony.

First stop - the pilot workshop (Canberra) for the release of my Values driven goal program. Sunday 23rd September 2018.

You want to be a part of it at an insanely reduced rate? Click here

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